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TitlePiezoelectric Transformer and Hall-Effect Based Sensing and Disturbance Monitoring Methodology
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Table of Contents
                            Piezoelectric Transformer and Hall-Effect Based Sensing and Disturbance Monitoring Methodology for High-Voltage Power Supply Lines
	Recommended Citation
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations and Symbols
	Scope, objective and contributions of the thesis
	Organization of the thesis
Piezoelectric Transformer
		Basic principle
		Properties and operating modes
	Piezoelectric transformers
		Types and configurations of PTs
		Application specific PT structures
	Electrical Representation
		Mathematical modelling
		Electrical equivalent model
Current sensor
	Current Sensing Techniques
		Resistive current sensing
		Magnetic current sensing
		Optical current sensing
	Hall–effect based current sensing
		Hall effect principle
		Integrated magnetic concentrator based Hall–effect sensing
Modelling and Experimental Analysis – Piezoelectric Transformer
	Finite Element Modelling and Simulation
		Evolution of FEM analysis
		Modelling using COMSOL
			Natural Resonant Modes
			Frequency Domain Behaviour
			Time Domain Analysis
		Other considerations
			Group delay
			Propagation velocity, PT dimension and resonant frequency
			Initial displacement and loss factors
	Experimental Results
		Device under test
		Experimental requirements and set–up
		Single–tone results
		Loading Effect
		Real–time analysis
		Experimental group delay measurement
	Limitations of PT considering existing system conditions
		Mechanical considerations
		Non–linearity and Hysteresis
		Material properties, ageing and effect of temperature
Modelling and Experimental Analysis – Hall sensor
	Device under test
	model and effect of real–time  current signals
	Other considerations in IMC based Hall sensing
Signal processing system
	Background and introduction
	Fault detection technique
	Frequency spectrum of the input signals
	Signal processing and decision making system
		Behavioural model and logic
		PT output and High Pass Filter
		Envelope detection and comparator action
		Digital output bit representation
			Bit 1 output
			Bit 2 output
			Bits 4 and 5 output
		Actual circuit implementation
			Buffer circuit
			Filters and Peak detector circuit
			Comparator circuit
Conclusions and Future Work
	Future Work
Appendix A  piezoelectric general equations
Appendix B  functions in signal processing model
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