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6. Large tract of land in Balochistan can provide natural strategic depth and Pakistan wouldn't

need to seek strategic depth in Afghanistan.


1. Extreme weathers at different locations.

2. Monsoons resulting in floods.

3. The planes of Punjab does not provide natural barrier in the face of an Indian military assault.

4. The large tract of land in Balochistan has made it difficult to access even for the state in

providing essential services.


By analyzing the both advantages and disadvantages of the physical features of Pakistan, it can

safely be concluded that the advantages far exceed the disadvantages.

Q. what are the security concerns of Pakistan? Suggest measures by revisiting the foreign policy

of Pakistan?

Ans: Pakistan faces multi-pronged security concerns, but mostly these concerns emanate from

India's Military might and its nefarious designs. There are many indigenous issues also that have

become security threats for Pakistan. A congruent and a well defined Foreign Policy can do away

with almost more than half of these threats. Lets have a look at salient security concerns of

Pakistan and some foreign policy measures that can help to tackle these issues.

Security Concerns:

1. India's growing power in terms of economy and military might.

2. Threat to Pakistan's Sovereignty due to attacks from Afghanistan.

3. India's Growing Influence in Afghanistan and its perceived anti-Pakistan activities.

4. Indigenous acts of terrorism from Taliban.

5. The insurgency in Baluchistan.

6. The resurgent energy crisis resulting in destabilization of the country.

7. Sectarian issue.

Suggested Foreign Policy Measures:

1. Promote trade and commerce to keep hostilities at bay.

2. Foreign policy should not be India centric.

3. Relaxed Visa Regime.

4. Foreign Policy should be sole prerogative of the parliament.

5. Foreign Policy should depart from that of security state to welfare state.

6. Import of technology to tackle energy crisis.


Pakistan already has a nuclear umbrella for its security, and by virtue of that the possibility of an

all out war with India is not a reality now. Pakistan's paranoiac approach towards the threat from

the East is a bit miscalculated, and the situation calls for a review of that approach towards the

foreign policy. Wanton expenditure of resources in that direction will take us no where.

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