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TitlePurely Cases
TagsLawsuit Complaint Foreclosure Deed Title (Property)
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      I      A

I t,e ce(ti9cate' o( t,at t,e (egist(at -a*
o)* 4e a t(ustee' o( t,at ot,e( pa(ties -a*
,ave acqui(ed ite(est ove( t,e p(ope(t*

su4sequet to t,e issuace of t,e ce(ti9cate
of tit)e.B32 Need)ess to sa*' (egist(atio
does ot vest o+e(s,ip ove( a p(ope(t*' 4ut
-a* 4e t,e 4est evidece t,e(eof.

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