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Pushover analysis of RC frame structure using ETABS 9.7.1 10 | Page

Table 1 Specification
Beams Columns

230X450mm 300X600mm

3. Plan of Structure

Fig D: plan of structure

III.Static Analysis Of Buildings Using Is 1893 (Part 1)-2002
1) Design Seismic Base Shear- The total design lateral force or design seismic base shear (Vb) along any

principal direction of the building shall be determined by the following expression

VB= Ah W

Where Ah = Design horizontal seismic coefficient.

W = Seismic weight of the building

2) Seismic Weight of Building:
The seismic weight of each floor is its full dead load plus appropriate amount of imposed load.

While computing the seismic weight of each floor, the weight of columns and walls in any storey shall be

equally distributed to the floors above and below the storey. The seismic weight of the whole building is the

sum of the seismic weights of all the floors. Any weight supported in between the storey shall be distributed to

the floors above and below in inverse proportion to its distance from the floors.

3) Fundamental Natural Time Period:
The fundamental natural time period (Ta) calculates from the expression

Ta = 0.075h

for RC frame building

For 5 storey, Ta = 0.075x15

= 0.57 sec where h=15m

For 10 storey, Ta = 0.075x30

= 0.96 sec where h=30m

For 15 storey, Ta = 0.075x45

= 1.30 sec where h=45m

4) Distribution of Design Force-
The design base shear, VB computed above shall be distributed along the height of the building

as per the following expression

IV. Pushover Analysis

After assigning all properties of the models, thedisplacement –controlled pushover analysis of the
modelsare carried out. The models are pushed in monotonicallyincreasing order until target displacement is

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