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Quantum Jumping

Jump Towards A Better You In Just 45 Days
With These Powerful Exercises

By: Burt Goldman

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Table of Contents:

Welcome: Page 1

Preparations: Page 2

Intructions: Page 3

The Daily Meditation: Page 4

Affirmations: Page 4

Workbook: Page 6

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- 43 -

belief. Faith is desire, belief, and expectancy coming together

Karma Speaks: Share this exercise with someone who you
think would get most benefit from it.

Today’s Declaration: “I will move freely towards tomor-
row without the doubts of today, with strong and active faith.”

Page 28

DAY 20

Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: “The greatest pollution problem we
face today is negativity. Eliminate the negative attitude and be-
lieve you can do anything. Replace ‘if I can, I hope, maybe’ with
‘I can, I will, I must.’” -Mary Kay Ash

Today’s Exercise: Write down 10 positive things that hap-
pened to you today. Remember to always celebrate your suc-
cesses, big or small!

Take A Moment: Today see only the positive in things. Act
as though you have a pair of rose-colored glasses that see
only the good, the colorful, the pleasant, and the bright.

Karma Speaks: Think of two of your childhood friends who
are an inseparable part of your life and have inspired you in
more than one ways. Call them and express your gratitude.

Today’s Declaration: “Negativity may be around me and I
don’t have to own it.”

Page 53

- 93 -

way to enlightenment.

Karma Speaks: Live with passion.

Today’s Declaration: “Today will be better than yesterday
and tomorrow will be better than today.”

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DAY 45

Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: “The aggressive person thinks with a
loud volume, shy people think in whispers. Control the vol-
ume of your thoughts and you have better control over your
emotions.” - Burt Goldman

Today’s Exercise: Write a letter to yourself giving con-
gratulations for all your successes and expectations of great
things to come. Be as specific as possible. Write scenarios,
feelings, emotions and actions you have taken and intend to

Take A Moment: An emotion is any thought that has like
or dislike attached to it. The more like the more emotional,
the more dislike the more emotional. To control your emo-
tions control your likes and dislikes.

Karma Speaks: Treat your inner self. Take time out to medi-
tate and get connected. Try the Quantum Daisy Pond medita-
tion (QJ: 2 Bonus CD: 2).

Today’s Declaration: “I will keep my energy positive, and
radiate positive thoughts to everyone.”

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