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Residential design standards

Supplementary planning document

September 2008

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Page 27 design standards


• Should not exceed 3 metres in height to prevent a feeling of enclosure.

• Respect the design and windows features of the host building.

If the existing garden is already only a minimum size as set out in section 3.1 and 3.2, a rear extension will
probably not be suitable for the property.



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Conservatories are generally rear extensions and the above guidance should be applied to these. In addition,
conservatories should be:

• To rear or side of the dwelling.

• A separate room from the main dwelling so that they can be closed off.

• At ground or basement level.

Side extensions
Side extensions should:

• Be subsidiary to the main building.

• If the side extension is proposed to be more
than single storey, the upper floor should be
set back from the side building line.

• Have roofs that match those of existing
buildings in terms of roof shapes and pitches.

• Avoid the infilling of gaps between properties,
where this is an important townscape feature.

Front extensions
Front extensions are rarely acceptable due to their
impact on the appearance of the building and
townscape. Applicants are strongly encouraged to
seek the advice of a planning officer if designing
front extensions.

Roof Extensions
Roof design is very important as it will determine the
overall shape of an extension.

Roof extensions will not be permitted in the
following circumstances:

• Where additional floors in any form would
harm the architectural integrity of a building or
the unity of a group.

• Where roof extensions cut through ridge or hip

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Sustainability Appraisal/ Strategic Environmental Assessment A systematic and interactive process
undertaken during the preparation of a plan or strategy, which identifies and reports on the extent to which
the implementation of the plan or strategy would achieve environmental, economic and social objectives by
which sustainable development can be defined, in order that the performance of the strategy and policies is

Sustainable Development Development that contributes towards the principles of sustainability. That is,
development that does not cause environmental damage, contributes to the local economy and meets the
needs of the local community.

Unitary Development Plans (UDPs) Statutory plans produced by each borough which integrate strategic
and local planning responsibilities through policies and proposals for the development and use of land in
their area.

Southwark Plan See “Unitary Development Plans” design standards


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