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TitleRock Slope Engineering Civil and Mining
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Development and Industry Acceptance of Nuclear Gauges
Bureau of Reclamation Experience with Construction and Control of Earth Materials for Hydraulic Structures
Variability in Field Density Tests
NRCS Experience with Field Density Test Methods Including the Sand-Cone, Nuclear Gage, Rubber Balloon, Drive-Cylinder, and Clod Test
Compactive Effort Applied by Hand-Operated Compactors
Equation for Complete Compaction Curve of Fine-grained Soils and Its Applications
Construction Quality Control Testing of Compacted Fills: Optimum Moisture-Density Values
Historical Perspectives on Earthwork Engineering and Creating a Passion for Earthwork Excellence
Compaction Control to Minimize Settlement of Fill Supporting a Shopping Center
Compaction Control Bermuda Sports Centre
Dynamic Compaction of Surface Mine Spoils to Limit Settlements Within Commercial Developments
Compaction and Performance of Loess Embankments
Evaluation of Procedures Presented in TR-26 and TR-27 for Design and Construction of Earth Fills Using Soil Containing Oversize Rock Particles
Comparison of Laboratory Data and Field Performance for Fills Subject to Hydrocompression
Proposed Compaction Specifications to Minimize Hydrocompression-lnduced Settlements in Fills Supporting Residential Structures
The Effect of Soil Composition and Moisture Content on Dry Density and Hydraulic Conductivity of Clays
Impact of Heavy Metals (Pb, Zn, and Cr) on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Sand/Bentonite Liner
Compaction Conditions and Scale-Dependent Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Clay Liners
Variability of Initial Subgrade Modulus at Ohio SHRP Test Road
Quality Control of Earth Fills Using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Quality Control of Compacted Layers with Field and Laboratory Seismic Testing Devices
Compaction and Performance of Loess Embankments
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