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In the beginning one should meditate on Lord Rama, putting one’s attention on the right

The physical description of Lord Rama follows:

His hands are very long, reaching His knees; He is holding a bow and arrow in His hands,
sitting on a throne and wearing yellow clothes. His eyes are like a fresh lotus petal and
He is happy as He looks at His wife, Sita who is sitting on His left. His skin is the colour
of a water-filled cloud (light blue). His hair is very long and His body is covered with
different ornaments.

1) Lord Rama’s character is so vast that we could write 1000 million verses describing

it, every word of it capable of destroying the greatest sins of human beings.
2) A wise man should learn this praise of Lord Rama (called Ramraksha) by heart.
3) The qualities of Lord Rama are described as follows:

His skin has a light blue colour and His eyes are like a lotus, big and joy-giving.
In front of Him is Shri Laxmana and His Wife Sita. He is decorated by a crown
made of long hair. He has a sword in one hand and a bow and arrorw in the other
and on His back spare arrows to kill the Rakshasas.

4) May Lord Rama, who is born in the famous line of Raghuraja, protect my head.
May Lord Rama, the Son of King Dashratha, protect my forehead.

5) May Lord Rama, Son of Queen Kausalya, protect both my eyes.
May Lord Rama, the favourite disciple of Lord Vishwamitra, protect both my ears.
May Lord Rama, the protector of the Havan of Lord Vishwamitra, protect my nose.
May Lord Rama, who loves His brother Laxmana, protect my mouth.

6) May Lord Rama, who holds all knowledge, protect my tongue.
May Lord Rama, who is worshipped by Bharata, protect my throat.
May Lord Rama, who possesses all the powerful weapons, protect my shoulders.
May Lord Rama, who broke the strong bow during the Swayamvara of Sita, protect
both my arms.

7) May Shri Sita’s Husband, Lord Rama, protect my hands.
May Lord Rama, who won gainst Parashurama, protect my heart.
May Lord Rama, who destroyed the Rakshasa named Khur, protect the centre of
my body.
May Lord Rama, who gave refuge to Jambvan, protect my

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