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9. PC technician in Sales order header 
Here input PC technician number 5982, Enter.

Task 7: Output

1. The PC technician entered in your service order should automatically receive a
mail telling him or her when they are needed. This output should be created when
you save the sales order and appear automatically as mail in the employee’s office

a)  IMG->Sales and Distribution-> Basic Functions-> Output Control->
Output Determination-> Output Determination Using the Condition

2. Create an output type. To do this, copying output type MAIL from standard SAP
system with all its dependent entries.

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Task 11: Delivery

Deliver the service order 

Task 12: Billing

Bill the service order with billing type F2. Remove billing block in sales order first.

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Sales document flow from sales order view.

Condition type R100 exists in pricing procedure, that’s why

serviece net value is 0. we can deactive this 100% discount.

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