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) [email protected] ( by Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE) for Review CQM 1صفحة

1 - The inferior alveolar nerve is branch of:

1. Mandibular nerve – not ……….
2. Posterior mandibular alveolar nerve.
3. Anterior mandibular alveolar nerve

2 - A child with caries in the incisors we call this caries:

1. Rampant caries.
2. Nursing caries.
3. Children caries

3 – The least effective method to kill the HIV is through:

1. NaOcl.
2. Autoclave.
3. Chimoclave.
4. Ultraviolet chamber. ( Ultraviolet light )

4 - Weeping canal we use:

1. Gutta percha.
2. CaOh.
3. Formocresol.

5 – Child 6 years old came to u with thumb suck already caused dental problem what u will do:

1. Nothing.
2. Psychologist treatment.
3. Early habit breaking appliance.

6 – What is the forceps used to grasp Epulis Fissuratum during surgical procedure ?

1. Allis forceps.
2. Addison.
3.Curved hemostat

7 - Twins came to your clinic during routine examination; you found great change behavior
between both of them this due to:

1. Gender.
2. Environment.
3. Maturation.
4. None.

8 - Rubber dam is important because it:

1. Improves safety.
2. Looks scientific.
3. Improves suction.

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) [email protected] ( by Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE) for Review CQM 100صفحة

10-physiological reaction of edema on vital pulp:
1. Decrease tissue fluid by decompression of blood vessel.
2. Increase blood pressure. = tissue pressure
3. Necrosis of pulp due to hyproxia and anoryxia.

= Elevated tissue pressure from edema is a major factor in pain associated with acute
inflammatory reactions.

11- Microabscess on vital pulp: start necrosis of small part and sequlae of destruction cycle and
full repair:

1. True.
2. False.

12-amalgam tattoo is an oral pigmentation lesion:

1. True.
2. False.

13-oral and perioral cyst formed from epithelial rest of series = epithelial cells :

1. True.
2. False.

14-development of maxillary process and medial frontal process ( result ) in medial elongation of
central portion:

1. True.
2. False.

15- Cementum contain cell like bone and it is yellow in color in vital, extracted, or avulsed tooth
but in non vital tooth, its color is dark:

1. True.
2. False. ؟

16-dentine composition:

1. 60 – 65 % inorganic by wgt (70%inorganic by volume).
2. 25%water by wgt (12%water by volume).
3. 43%organic by wgt (20%organic by volume).

= 35% organic and water and 65% inorganic

Correct Answer : A

17-The primary direction of spread of infection in the mandible is to submental lymph node:

1. True.
2. False.

18-7 days after amalgam restoration PT came complaining of pain during putting spoon on the
restored tooth, this is due to:

1. Irreversible pulpitis.
2. Reversible pulpitis.
3. Broken amalgam.
4. Galvanic action.

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) [email protected] ( by Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE) for Review CQM 197صفحة

Q. Traumatically fractured crown of central incisor in an 8-years-old child with pulp exposure
(more than 1 mm) half hour ago, medical history is non- contributory and the tooth is not
displaced. What is your management:
a. Endodontics-pulpectomy and obturation.
b. Direct pulpcap with caoh and composite.
c. Caoh pulpotomy. ***
d. Total extirpation of pulp and caoh. استئصال

Q. The oral lesions of the lichen planus: المنبسط الحزاز
a. Are usually painful.
b. Rarely appear before lesion elsewhere on the body.
c. May be part of a syndrome in which lesions also appear on the skin, conjunctiva and genitalia.
*** = Stevens-Johnson syndrome
d. Often appear in nervous, high-strung individuals.
e. Heals with scarring. ندبة یترك

Q. Pt with a history of subacute bacterial endocarditis is a medical problem in a surgery because of
the possibility of: التھاب شغاف القلب
a. Bacteremia.
b. Septicemia.
c. Hypertension.
d. Mitral stenosis.
e. Auricular fibrillation. رجفان أذیني
f. A, b and c.
g. A, b and d. ***
h. A, d and e.
i. B, c and e.
j. C, d and e.

Q. Which of the following is a benign epithelial neoplasm: ورم ظھاري سلیم
a. Rhabdomyoma. المخطط الورم العضلي
b. Fibroma. ورم لیفي
c. Lipoma. ورم شحمي
d. Granular cell tumor. الحبیبیة ورم الخالیا
e. Keratoacanthoma. *** ورم شائكي متقرن

Q. Oral lesions of lichen planus usually appear as:
a. White streaks. *** بقع بیضاء
b. Red plaque.
c. Shallow ulcers. قرحات مسطحة
d. Papillary projections. ناتئ حلیمي
e. Builae. فقاعات

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) [email protected] ( by Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE) for Review CQM 198صفحة

Q. The function of the periodontal ligament include
a. Mechanical function
b. Formative function
c. Nutritive function
d. Sensory function
e. All of the above. ***

Q. Ankylosis:
a. No PDL
b. Caused by trauma
c. Extracted surgically
d. All of the above. ***

Q An 18 years old Pt present complaining of pain, bad breath and bleeding gingival. This began
over the weakened while studying for the final exam. The Pt may have which of the following
a. Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis ***
b. Rapidly progressive periodontitis
c. Desquamative gingivitis. توسفي
d. Acute periodontal cyst.

Q. The movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane is called:
a. Osmosis. *** التناضح
b. Active transport. النقل الفعال
c. Filtration. االرتشاح
d. Diffusion. االنتشار

Q For maximum health of gingiva, finishing line : above the crest of gingiva

... اكثر الدبابیس العاجیة تثبیت لحشوة املغم self threaded- friction.- coted cemented …

MTA = EXCELLENT FOR : Apexification root canal obturation

= MTA is excellent material for apexification because it creates a permanent apical plug at the
outset of treatment
Mechanism of saliva for prevention = remeneralization – clearing bacteria - both
Deffer periaoical abscess than periodontal xray vitality test palpation
Step before pit fissure sealant = Etchant

أفضل دمیة –المریض یرید مباشرة تعویضھا بجسر –مقرر قلعھا –ثنیة علویة

ما خطة المعالجة –باقي األسنان سلیمة –مریض لدیھ رحى سفلیة یمین دخل فیھا طرف المسبر في عمق المیزاب

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