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the levator ani muscles (thin muscles located on the sides of the pelvis). It aids in the production
of sperm and provides nutrients to the seminal fluid to help foster, protect, and prolong its life
span after it is drawn out of the body. The prostate also contracts to help provide an appropriate
force as the semen is ejaculated out of the man’s body into the woman’s system to fertilize the
egg. Milking of the prostate is another term that refers to prostate massage. It is performed for
sexual pleasure and is also used to remove excess fluid in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

(enlarged prostate). Doctors and professional masseurs will perform a massage on patients
with benign cases of enlarged prostates. Reaction to prostate stimulation using massage is
variable from man to man. Some have sensitive prostates while others take time to be stimulated.
Here are some tips on how to properly massage the prostate.


Things You'll Need:
 Sterile latex glove

 Water-based lubricant

1. Step1

Cut your fingernails short. The massage you are to perform involves insertion of your finger or fingers into a

sensitive area so make sure that your fingers are properly trimmed.

2. Step2

Let your partner go to the bathroom before doing the procedure. It will be helpful if your partner has emptied his

bowel (defecated) and bladder (urinated) before you begin your massage. Tell your partner to wash his anal area.

3. Step3

Put on a sterile latex glove to perform the massage and place some ample amounts of water-based lubricant on it.

4. Step4

Instruct your partner to lie prone (on his stomach). You can later experiment with some other positions that your

partner may find more comfortable and which gives you better and easier access to his prostate.

5. Step5

Begin your massage around the perineum or the external part of the anus. Using your index and middle fingers

gently stroke the area below his testicles and around the area of his anal sphincter. This will help in stimulating

the prostategland while doing so.

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