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There Are Only 3 Positions…
The reality is that there are only 3 positions. Every other position is really a variation
of these 3.

Position 1 is the missionary position. That’s YOU on top.

Position 2 is doggy-style. That’s you taking her ‘from behind.’


Position 3 is her-on-top. That’s, er – yeah, you got it – YOUR WOMAN on top.

Now I realize that you might be able to think of some positions that do not appear to
be variations of the 3 I just shared with you.

But they are.

Consider the ‘spooning position’ as an example. That’s where you and your woman
lie on your sides and you enter her from behind. Well, that’s just a variation of

Anyway, what I want to share with you next are my RULES regarding sex positions.
If you stick to these rules – you will be golden as far as positions go in the bedroom.

Rules Regarding Sex Positions:
1. Never use a position that causes your woman PAIN or DISCOMFORT. It doesn’t

matter if your ex could do it. It doesn’t matter if your favorite porn star does it 5
days a week for 30 minutes at a time. Your woman is all that counts and if she
can’t get into it pain/discomfort free – you need to STOP using it. If you carry
on, she’ll end up seeing you as a selfish lover and she won’t enjoy the sex very
much at all. (It’s amazing how many intelligent men make this mistake!)

2. Let go of the idea that a particular sex position is the key to giving your woman
amazing sex. I can ‘get my woman off’ multiple times in any position I like. And
by the time you’ve finished reading this special report – you’ll know how to do
the same for your woman. Sweet.

3. Don’t use the same sex position ALL THE TIME. If you do – the sex will become
BORING and PREDICTABLE. And if it becomes boring and predictable, your
woman will stop wanting it sooner or later. And that’s a fact. So use a variety of
positions to keep the sex interesting and exciting. That said – you don’t need a
million positions, just a handful. Speaking of which…

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3 Great Variations Of Missionary,
Doggy-Style and Her-On-Top…
Rule #3 in the list above says NOT to use the same position all the time because
that’d make the sex too samey, too boring and too predictable.
You already have 3 positions that are very different…

• Missionary

• Doggy-style


• Her on top

Right now, I want to show you 3 of the best variations of those 3 master sex
positions. Take these 9 variations (3 for each master position), add them to the 3
master positions – and you have 12 positions.

With a little thought and creativity you’ll be able to come up with countless
variations of your own, based on these 12.



Let’s start with…

3 Variations Of The Missionary Position…
1. Get into the normal missionary position where your woman is lying flat on her

back with her legs open and then enter her.

Now carefully move your right leg outside of her left leg. Then move your left
leg outside of her right leg. Her legs are now inside yours.

This change sounds minor as you’re reading it but actually makes a MASSIVE
difference to how intercourse feels. I’m yet to meet a woman who didn’t enjoy it
– and they never seem to have experienced it before (so it helps you stand out
from all the other guys).

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some of my other products – each one designed to help you have much
better sex…

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