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TitleSexuality and the Divine
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Sexuality and the DivineSexuality and the Divine

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seeking anything beyond survival, it will never be

enough. Even people who are into this process, or

even though this process is active in people in

different levels, without the decorations of emotion

they would not be willing to go through it. Now,

unfortunately, in the Western countries it has

happened this way, if you utter the word

relationship, they simply think it has to be

sex-based. Yes? Nothing else is a relationship.

Some sex-based relationship is the only

relationship. This is unfortunate. This has

happened because your identification with the

body has become so strong. As you get more and

more identified with the body, sex or sexuality

becomes more and more important. As you become

less and less identified with the body, you will see,

the sex recedes.

You see in your own societies, somebody

becomes very intellectually active, he becomes


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identified with his intellectual process. Do you see

the need for sex recedes in that man? Somebody

 who is physically identified with his body, in him

the needs are very heavy. It's always so. Where you

are identified, it is through that, that everything

functions in you. So, in any relationship, sex-based

relationship, if you discover one day that actually in

the other person there is no emotion, it is simply

 physical, suddenly you feel that you are being used.

Yes? After all it is sex, it is physical. That's all it can

be, but without the decorations of emotion, you will

feel that it's not good enough, it's an abuse.

In sex-based relationships, what is usually

 passing off as love is just a mutual benefit scheme.

You give me this, I will give you that. If you don't

give me that, I won't give you this. It's like this - one

day Shankaran Pillai went to the park. Shankaran

Pillai means, it's a common name in India. He went

to the park; there on one of the stone benches,


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in ter ior des ign , furn i ture des ign and

manufacturing, landscape design, handicrafts and

soft furnishings, to designer outfits from

Isha Raiment.

All profits from this venture are used to serve

the rural people of India, through Isha

Foundation's ARR initiative.


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Visitors should contact Isha Yoga Center for

availability and reservation of accommodation well

in advance of arrival to the center, as they are

generally fully booked.

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