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KhS corpoplaSt
packaging SolutionS and Stretch bloW
Molding – SySteMS for plaStic bottleS

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02 03

4 - 5 Bottle design

6 - 7 Bottle development

8 - 9 Light Weighting

10 - 11 Concept of Blomax Series III

12 - 15 Highlights of Blomax Series III

16 - 17 Energy and cost savings


18 - 19 Hotfill

20 - 21 Preferential Heating

22 - 25 Service

As a technology partner of the beverage

industry with 30 years of experience,

we know that each decision for a

stretch blow molding machine starts

with the question about the product to

be filled and the correct packaging.

This brochure does not therefore start

with the features and benefits of our

Blomax Series III machine types but

with the wide variety of filled products

and the wide range of PET bottles

produced with our machines.

We would like to demonstrate how and

at which stage we draw on our com-

prehensive know-how and the services

of our technology center on the matter

of «Bottles & Shapes™». This reflects

how we develop «your» perfect bottle

for the relevant product to be filled.

Naturally, all significant details regard-

ing our state-of-the-art Blomax Series III

stretch blow molding machines are also

included. After all, we already consider

the best possible further processing

methods during the development phase

– for example, the downstream filling

lines. Implementation of our know-

how with regard to PET process, bottle

design and construction also play a

decisive role for the all important

result, that your individual packaging

solution will meet all your requirements.

Blomax Series III Stretch blow

molding machines – a perfect solution

for all filled products

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Our customers benefit from KHS Corpoplast’s decades of
PET process experience and from the construction and
design of stretch blow molding machines that meet the
requirements for the cost-effective, reliable and precise
production of high-tech PET bottles with top output and
machine availability.

We call this «Value Added Bottle Blowing» – a high
demand which is met by the key features of our Blomax
Series III machines.

1. Transport mandrels
Mandrels and their circulation through the machine are
standard components in the Blomax Series III. Through
continuous development of this reliable and highly
efficient component with regard to dimensional accuracy
and repeatability during process, the transport mandrel
principle supports a minimum process time particularly for
high speed production. Impurities in preforms and bottles
are avoided by the neck-down principle.

Blomax Series III: Highlights

2. Low energy consumption
The low heating and compressed air consumption in the
Blomax machines is a tradition – the lowest energy
consumption in this industry.

a) Heating
• Mandrel pitch only 38 mm
• High heat penetration of preforms
• Optimal use of heating energy
• Flexibility of heating modules
• Core cooling

b) Compressed air
• Lowest dead air volume through valve block directly
installed at the station
• Air recycling from P2 to P1 directly into the
production process without compromising the process
• Reduced blowing pressure < 30 bar is possible

3. Stretching system
The mechanical, cam-controlled stretching enables high
precision and repeatability compared to pneumatic stretch-
ing. This is a significant prerequisite for material savings
in light weighting and cost reduction in air consumption.
Changeover times can be reduced by 25 percent because
the stretching rod is only adjusted during product changes
and no longer exchanged.

4. Blow molding station
Blow molding stations are also a modular element in the
Blomax Series III machines with their mold holders, outer
and inner shells. They are available for all machine sizes
and are therefore exchangeable and cost-effective. The
compact new generation blow molding stations operate
with a support wheel and cam-controlled opening and
closing mechanisms for increased stability and consistent
bottle quality in high speed production. The pre-installed
air recycling system AIRBACK automatically saves up to
100 percent of the air required for pre-blowing (recircula-
tion from P2 to P1). The compact construction of the valve
block directly at the blow molding station reduces the
dead air volume and also saves air energy costs.

Blow molding stationTransport mandrel

Heater boxes

Cam-controlled stretching

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5. Quality assurance systems
We offer numerous quality controls for maintaining ma-
chine availability at the highest level.

a) Preform testing
Only impeccable preforms guarantee precise heating and
stretch blow molding processes. We provide testing devices
installed at the perform infeed or transfer station 1 to sort
out damaged performs. The systems are video-supported
and eliminate preforms with irregular necks.

b) Bottle testing (Off centre measuring)
Testing systems detecting non-axial, irregular bottles are
either installed upstream of the air conveying line or at
the rotating wheel. Damaged bottles are eliminated.

c) Bottle testing (wall thickness measuring)
For process testing we offer a video-supported inline
testing system for measuring the wall thicknesses of blown
bottles, in particular after product change and for Light

6. Modification
Modifications during product changes should not influ-
ence precision or reliability of the machines. Implemen-
tation must be simple and above all rapid. As the rapid
exchange systems are continuously under development,
the modification times are significantly reduced. The
KHS Corpoplast Speed-Loc system with its rapid exchange
components for
• Mold section
• Base molds
• Stretching rod
ensures the shortest possible product change-over.

The base molds (multi-coupling) and the mold shells can
be easily removed, screws and hose connections do not
have to be undone. The new generation stretching system
does not need any stretching rod exchanges. Adjustment
during product change is sufficient. The Speed-Loc
components reduce modification times to a minimum.

Wall thickness measurement

Speed-Loc rapid exchange system

1| Product change: Remove/insert base mold

2| Product change: Remove/insert mold section

3| Undo screws, adjust stretching rod

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”You care for the content.
We care for the filling and packaging.”

khS corpoplast gmbh & co. kg

Meiendorfer Strasse 203
d-22145 hamburg
phone: +49 (0) 40 679 07 0
fax: +49 (0) 40 679 07 100
e-mail: [email protected]

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