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Name _ Date _

UNIT 1 Dreams and Goals
On-the-Street Interviews: I have a couple of dreams ...

A. Match each statement about a career goal with the person who said it.




1. "1 have a couple of dreams .... One of them is to look into a different career,possibly landscape

2. "1 would like to own my own clothing line ... "

3. "And my other goal, like career-wise, is to have my own restaurant."

4. "My future goal would be to open up an agency of my own, for children, special-education children."

B. Check each statement True or False.

1. Joe hopes to live near a city.

2. Rob is taking voice lessons at the New School.

3. Jessica'sgoal is to be a tolerant, honest, and reliable persono

4. Lorayn is fully ready to commit to having a baby.

5. Alvino wants a career in marketing.

6. Vanessa'sshort-term goal is to run a marathon.

7. Joe thinks it's possible to attain all of your goals.

8. Rob is confident he will get far as an opera singer.

True False









Jessiea: . . . .. .__.. . ..__m_.__. . . . . . . . .
~ C. Summarize what Jessica and Lorayn each say about having a family.

Lorayn: . . . ._.__

:1 . ..._..._. .__..._. h •__ m_ •••••__ ••••••••••••••- •••••••••••••••- ••- ••••••- ••- •••-- ••••- ••• "'''''' ''. •• m_ ' ••m••••••••••••••••••- •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• _m ••••_••_. __ ••_ ••••••••_••••••••••.••- ••••••- ••-.

~ D. What is a future goal that you have? What can you do to reach your goal?


8 Summit TV 2 Activity Worksheet 3 1

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Name _ Date _

UNIT 2 Helping Others
TV Documentary: Dr. Torstveit's Vacation


A. Circle the letter of the statement that best summarizes why Dr. Torstveit has been
going to Sri Lanka for his vacations over the last ten years.

~q~ - ~-"'~~:E~~ a. He wants to perform as many heart surgeries as he can.

b. He wants to teach Sri Lankan doctors to perform as many heart
surgeries as they can.

c. He wants to perform heart surgeries and enjoy Sri Lankan culture as
much as he can.

B. Rewrite each false statement with correct information, according to the
information in the reporto

1. Dr.Torstveit usually makes four trips ayear to Sri Lanka.

2. There are now four Sri Lankan doctors who are qualified to perform the surgeries.

~ 3. Doctors in Sri Lanka perform over 2,500 heart surgeries ayear.

4. Doctors charge about US$400 to perform each surgery in Sri Lanka.

5. On this trip, Dr.Torstveit arrives in Sri Lanka at 3:00 A.M.

:~ c. Answer each question, according to the information in the reporto
§ 1. How does the treatment of children's heart defects differ in Sri Lanka from treatment in the United States?

2. How did Dr.Torstveit first decide to go to Sri Lanka to perform heart surgeries?

3. What influenced Dr.Torstveit to donate his time and money to help other people?


8 32 Summit TV 2 Activity Worksheet

Page 10

Name _ Date _

UNIT 6 Air Travel
TV Documentary: Travelers Beware


A. Cross out the situations that the report does NOT warn travelers to be
careful about.

a. allowing others to see one's valuables

b. carrying expensive-Iooking luggage

c. not paying attention to where one's bags are

d. being followed by other travelers

e. distractions from other travelers

f. travelers who look like they may be criminals

B•.;,Circle the letter of the precaution implied by the report for each situation.

1. Getting out of taxi 2. Waiting in line

3. Sitting at a table




QB 38

a. Don't carry valuables with you when you

b. Don't let others see where you keep your

c. Don't pay with cash.

a. Keep your bags on a chair.
b. Be careful about unusual distractions.

c. Don't eat at airport restaurants.

Summit TV 2

a. Don't talk to strangers.
b. Keep an eye on your bags at all times.
c. Carry valuables in a shoulder bag.

4. Being served at the ticket counter

a. Be careful about unusual distractions.

b. Ask the ticket agent to keep an eye on your bags.
c. Put your bags in front of you or on the counter.

(continued on page 39)

Activity Worksheet

Page 11

Name _ Date _

C. Based on the context of the report, circle the letter of the best definition for a mark.

a. a persan wha a criminal has decided ta steal fram

b. a persan wha is a thief

c. a persan wha carries a lat af valuables

Explain your choice: ._. ._...._. . .__. _

D. What about you? What do you do to protect your valuables when you travel or commute?

,.-.-------------------------------.-----------------.------------------ ...-.---------

8 Summit TV 2 Activity Worksheet 39

Page 20

.-.- ..- - ..- -- ..-.-.- -.-.- .

a land where . . ._..._._.It's called Ndoki-the world's last virgin rain forest, a mi/lion acres

_____________. . A Noah's ark, where . . .. _.. _

Name _

C. Answer the questions.

1. Why are poachers hunting chimpanzee and other wild animals in Ndoki?

2. What other danger to wildlife is mentioned at the end of Part l?

D. Complete the video script from near the beginning of Part 1.

"It is a jungle so remote that parts of it

northern Congo, an enchanted world where butterflies


Date _

m_m' Deep in the

E. Which do you think is more important-the economic needs of the people who
live near Ndoki, or the need to preserve Ndoki? What do you think could be done
to reduce poaching while still meeting the needs of the local people?




o 48


Summit TV 2 Activity Worksheet

Page 21

Name _ Date _

UNIT 1e Globallssues
TV Documentary: The Ndoki Rain Forest


A. Cross out the dangers to wildlife that are NOT mentioned in Part 2.

a. pollution

b. civil war

c. poaching

d. logging

e. corruption

f. construction

g. farming

B. Complete the chart with information about the tree discussed near the beginning
of Part 2 .


,. Approximate height

2. Approximate worth

3. Approximate age

4. Approximate time to cut down

C. Answer the questions.

,. Who is cutting down Congo's forests and why are they doing it? _

2. About how many dead elephants did Michael Fayand the reporter count? _

3. What percentage of the world's rain forests have already disappeared? _

4. According to the report, when and how did killing elephants become illegal in Congo? __

5. Who is buying the ivory from elephants killed in Congo? ..__.__. .. . ....._...__._._._. _

_________. . . to save,in my opinion, the last great wilderness in tropical Africa.

And you know, we can't come up with the money? And that's ... that's

"Let's just have where, you know, we're not thinking about

__________________________________off of it. Let's just say,you know, this is

___. .._, and it's the last one left, so let's _
3. ~

.__.' It's

~ D. Complete the transcripts of Michael Fay's statements near the beginning and end of Part 2.


______________. It's just ... it's .. . ._.. .
~ 8.


~ E. According to the report, in what way is tourism in Congo a danger to wildlife?

8" Summit TV 2 Activity Worksheet 49

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