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                            Create a POS Invoice without Voucher Class
Create a POS Invoice with Voucher Class
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Company Creation:

[ Company Info (Alt+ F3)  Create]

Name : <<Your Full Name>>
Address : 9, Elgin Road

Statutory Compliance for : India
State : West Bengal
Pin : 700 020
Telephone No : optional
Mobile No : optional
Email : optional
Currency Symbol : Rs.
Maintain : Accounts with Inventory
Financial Year from : 01-04-10
Books Beginning from : 01-04-10
Tally Vault Password : Not Applicable
Use Security Control : Yes

Name of Administrator: IIJT
Password: IIJT1

Save the Screen

Create the following Accounting Groups:
[Gateway of Tally Accounts InfoGroupsCreate]

Name of Groups Under
Outstanding Expenses Current Liabilities

Create the following ledger with Appropriate Group and put the opening balance.
[Gateway of Tally Accounts InfoLedgerCreate]

Name of Ledger Account Groups Amount
Equity Share Capital Capital Account 26580000
General Reserve Reserve and Surplus 2560000
Capital Reserve Reserve and Surplus 598500
Loan from HDFC Secured Loan 5000000
Ranbir Ltd
Goswami Pvt Ltd

Sundry Creditors
Sundry Creditors


Provision for doubtful debts Provisions 15000
Outstanding Rent Outstanding Expenses 16500
Outstanding Telephone bill Outstanding Expenses 35000
Outstanding A M C Outstanding Expenses 17514
Profit and Loss Account** Primary 675420
Land & Building Fixed Assets 5085410
Plant & Machinery Fixed Assets 6085011
Furniture & Fixture Fixed Assets 458700

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Computer & Peripherals Fixed Assets 1045210
Investment in Shares Investments 2254500
Abir Pvt Ltd
Suraj Ltd

Sundry Debtors
Sundry Debtors


Closing Stock* Stock – in- Hand 2545800
Prepaid Insurance Current Assets 45120
Loan to Employee Loans and Advances (Assets) 158400
Cash** Cash in Hand 185200
I C I C I Bank Bank Accounts 17513683

*Do not create Closing Stock ledger as we are maintaining company as Accounts with Inventory
** Do not create these ledgers, alter the ledgers and put opening balance.

Bill wise details of Sundry Creditors:
Ranbir Ltd
Date Bill No Credit Days Amount
01-07-09 P0123 21 65000
02-10-09 P0167 21 70000
31-01-10 P0205 21 119100

Goswami Pvt Ltd
Date Bill No Credit Days Amount
02-01-10 P0518 15 150000
01-03-10 P0617 15 72500
On Account 2500

Bill wise details of Sundry Debtors

Abir Pvt Ltd
Date Bill No Credit Days Amount
01-12-09 S1261 21 130000
02-02-10 S1360 21 120000

Suraj Ltd
Date Bill no Credit Days Amount
01-03-10 S3012 15 225000
31-03-10 S4250 15 112250
On Account 12750

Stock Details:
Activate the following option in Inventory Features (F11)
Integrate Accounts and Inventory  Yes
Maintain Stock Categories  Yes
Maintain Multiple Godown  Yes (for Creation of Godown)

Create the following Stock Group
[Gateway of Tally  Inventory Info  Stock Group]


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Job Costing:

Activate the following option in Accounting Features (F11)
Maintain Cost Centres  Yes
Use Cost Centres for Job Costing  Yes

Create the following Cost Centres [Accounts Info  Cost Centres]

Category Name Under Use for Job Costing
Primary Cost Category Railway Shade at Howrah Primary Yes

Create the following godown for the project:[Inventory Info  Godowns]

Name Address Under Allow Storage of Set Job/Project Name
Materials for Job Costing

Howrah Godown 45/2 G. T. Road Primary Yes Railway Shade at Howrah

Create the following Ledger [Accounts Info Ledger Create]
Name Under Cost Centres are Applicable
Wages Direct Expenses Yes
Project Inspection Charges Indirect Expenses Yes
Project Designing Charges Indirect Expenses Yes
Project Overhead Expenses Indirect Expenses Yes
Sale of Railway Shade Direct Income Yes
Sale of Scrap Indirect Income Yes
Govt. of Indian Railway Sundry Debtors No
Megha Enterprises Sundry Creditors No

Create the following Stock Item for the project [Inventory InfoStock Items Create

Name Under Unit
Heavy Capacity Steel Rod Project Stock Mtr
Heavy Capacity Steel Cage Project Stock Pcs
Super Quality Asbestas Shade Project Stock Pcs
Joining Instruments Project Stock Pcs
Create the following voucher class based stock journal for job costing consumption.
[Accounts Info Voucher Types AlterStock Journal]

Name Type of Voucher Name of Class Use for Job Costing Consumption

Stock Journal Stock Journal Job Costing Consumption Yes

Purchase the following stock item from Megha Enterprises Invoice No: INV/MGE/4581 and all stocks stored at
Howrah Godown.

Item Quantity Rate


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