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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
	Single Unconscious
	What is Telepathy
	Law of Sight
	Time and Space
	The Galaxial System
		Waves of Ego
	The Law of Exchange of Thoughts
		Deterioration of the Brain Cells
		Society and our Belief
		Focusing of Attention
	Salt and Sugar
		Mirror Gazing
	Experiences and Incidents of First Lesson
		Mercury Lights
		Goddess of Sleep
		Universe submerging in Light
		Third Eye
		Diving and Emerging
		The Garden of Paradise
		Voiced Thoughts
	Telepathy and the Breathing Experience
	Second Lesson of Telepathy
	Thinking of Righteousness
	On the Threshold of Grave
		Man Jinni and Angels
	Incidents and Experiences of 2nd Lesson
		Rain of Noor (Divine Light)
		Candle and Lamp
		Broom and a Lean Person
	Classification of Knowledge
	Mental Turmoil
	Third Lesson of Telepathy
	Belief of Science
		Trees also Converse
	Incidents and Experiences of 3rd lesson
		Door Opens
		The Last Pool
		The Tomb of Data Gunj Buksh
		Flame of Fire
		The Inner Eye
	True Definition of Imagination
	Fourth Lesson of Telepathy
	156 Elements
	Incidents and Experiences resulting from 4th lesson
		Riddance of Inferiority Complex
		Golden Palaces
	Domain of Thoughts
	Law of Nature
	Fifth Lesson of Telepathy
	Sixth Lesson of Telepathy
		Breathing Exercise
		Special Instructions
	Experiences during course of 6th Lesson
	Seventh Lesson
		Breathing Exercise
	Method of Influencing Telepathically
		Curing Cancer Telepathically
	Eight Lesson
		Breathing Excercise
	Mind..... A Tree
	Spiritual Person
	Spirituality and Sorcery
A book "LOH O QALAM" by his divine grace QALANDAR BABA AULIA
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Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi
Khanwada of Azeemia sufi order

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This book is dedicated to those l ively-hearted

friends who want to reach the pinnacle of

humanity through service to mankind and to

those scientists who would adorn the Earth

anew after 2006 A.D.

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Mohammad Jehangir from D.I. Khan reports:
20th NOV:
During the second exercise I felt as if the rays of light are emitting from my eyes. Circles of
light kept on emerging and vanishing before my eyes. Then a vast expanse all pervaded with
light appeared before me. I could feel my eye balls become static and transfixed during the

21st NOV:
There was a thick concentration of the waves of light. When I looked intently I could see
dimensions in these waves. During the exercise my mind suffered a shock and the intensity
of light increased. I felt as if too much light has filled my mind.

23rd NOV:
Today I saw myself flying in the air. During the flight I saw my mind filled with lights and
there is an eye on my forehead which is also made of light. After the Exercise when I cove a J
myself with the blanket a flash of light illuminated the blanket as if somebody has switched
on a tube light."

Khalid Pervaiz from Quetta, Baluchistan writes:
"After the breathing exercise I started Muraqbah. The idea of falling rain of light was
conceived clearly. Rain or ugni (noor) was there and 1 was sitting in it. The ramran reminded
me ot the brightness of milk falling every where.

"In the morning after breathing exercise when I attempted to do the Muraqbah this
imagination was once again established and i felt the falling rain of light upon me though the
other ideas and thoughts also kept on coming to my mind"

"Whenever I try to imagine the rain of light I sec it clearly wherever the rain drops of bright
light fall on my body that place tuma ao transparent that my wliuic budy starts appearing as
if made of lights."

Mohammad Farooq Mustafa from Bahawalpur reports:
9th to 12th JAN;
Cloudy mist was hanging over my mind. I could not do any thinking. I felt as if I have an
empty mind.
12th JAN:
Today during the exercise the whole atmosphere appeared to be drenched in torrential rain of
light. The rain was falling on me too, sometimes it was light and sometimes it was heavy but
the surrounding was under the showers of incessant rain. It seemed as if I am soaked and
the hair has become wet with this incessant rain of light.”

Page 49

Mohammad Shariq from D.I. Khan Reports;
3rd FEB:
I had the vision of rain of light with open eyes but sleep overtook and drowsiness fell upon
me. After a short while I had a shock and I was wide awake I saw that my room was filled
with various lights.

5th FEB:
I saw in Muraqbah that a huge rose descended from the sky in the light full water of the rain.
One side of the rose opened like a door and a sage like person with a halo around him along
with his companions appeared there, the door like opening closed. That sage along with his
companions started walking on that water of light and stopped at a spot. A big dark globe
descended there. He blew on that globe after reciting something and the globe become
radiant and a variety of scenes started appearing on that globe. That sage and his fellows sat
in a circle around that globe. A voice called, "Your world has sunk in the quagmire of sins up
to its neck and therefore it has fallen victim to uneasiness, If you will worship sincerely and
stand together unitedly then no power on earth can defeat you".

After that the globe went dark, the sage lifted it and threw it towards the sky. There it
vanished behind the clouds. Two women emerged from the flower and stood on both sides of
the door and opened the door respectfully, when the sage reached it. After that they all
entered and the door closed. The flower floated on the surface of the water then took off
towards the sky. Once again I was there with the rain of light falling on me.

6th FEB.-
"When I sat down for my exercise I noticed that despite the darkness in the room I can see
everything very clearly. I saw the sky in blue and a blue cloud came over head. The cloud
thinned at one place and from there light started showering on me in the form of rain drops
then it took the shape of rain in torrents."

Page 95

A Book authored

by the Proclaimed of Reality His Divine Grace,

Qalander Baba Auliya

at the Divine command of the Holy Prophet

(Peace be upon him)


This is the first book

of Spiritual Science, the legacy of prophetic knowledge,

the heritage of mankind and

the detailed account of Cosmic programme, creative formulae,

hitherto unexplored dimensions of micro and macro cosmos, all in

a most eloquent and simple worded narration.


Page 96


Khwaja shamsuddin Azeemi

Translated by:



1-K-5. Nazimabad, Karachi.

Designed & Composed by:
Iqbal Hassan Azeemi.

First Edition:

June, 1993

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