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TitleThe Economist - 21 July 2001
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Table of Contents
                            The Economist July 21st, 2001
	Issue Cover
	The world this week
		Business this week
		Politics this week
		Missile defences: What are they really for?
		Sanctions policy: Stop helping Fidel and Saddam
		India and Pakistan: Hope among the ruins
		France: Liberty, equality, impunity?
		Climate change: Life after Kyoto
		Britain’s Conservatives: It has to be Ken
		On wealth, Mexico and America, Virgin Rail, idolatory
		Emerging markets: How the bug can spread
	United States
		The Democrats: More questions than answers
		Public life in Arkansas: Murder, rape and Clinton-bashing
		Missile tests: If at first you don’t succeed...
		California’s power crisis: How to keep the fans turning
		Lexington: The incredible shrinking VP
	The Americas
		Argentina’s economic crisis: Austerity, or bust
		Tourism in Peru: Road to ruin
		Mexico’s foreign policy: Branching out
		Rebuilding El Salvador: Homeless, and increasingly hopeless
		India and Pakistan: Summit ascended, but Kashmir not yet broached
		Russia and China: Remaking history
		China’s pollution: Exposing a dirty secret
		Indonesia: Who’s in charge?
		Piracy in Asia: Dangerous waters
		Japanese reform: Sinking, not flying
		Israeli-Palestinian fighting: Prospects of war
		Egyptian unemployment: Summer of fury
		African unity: Gadfly Qaddafi
		Burundi: Doubtful peace
		Greece’s threatened reforms: A need to clear the air
		Portugal’s politics: Guterres stumbles
		Italy’s finances: Rocky road ahead
		Europe’s single currency: Trust or mistrust thy euro neighbour?
		German gays: Stronger-wristed
		France’s secret service(s): Letters of cachet
		Divided Cyprus: The danger of over-doggedness
		Bulgaria’s royal prime minister: The wrong job?
		Charlemagne: Juan Jose Ibarretxe
		Medical negligence: Tragic flaws
		Leadership election: The battle for the Tory party
		Tory homophobia: To fall like Lucifer
		Nightlife: Old school tie
		Gambling: Paris, Nevada; Luxor, Lancashire
		Transport strategy: Going nowhere
		Bagehot: Robin Cook’s revenge
		Lord Archer: A taste for fiction
		Putin's choice
		Good in part
		A reconditioned model
		States within the state
		Mystery man
		Waiting for the crunch
		Endangered species
		In search of an identity
		Sources and acknowledgements
		Offer to readers
		The technology industry: Big is beautiful again
		Computing: Revenge of the dinosaurs
		Swissair: A scary Swiss meltdown
		Black empowerment: Skin deep
		Iranian privatisation: A mess
		Management consultants: Winners’ curse
		Drugs: Marketing madness
		Face value: The unknown media mogul
	Finance & Economics
		Mortgage-lending agencies in America: Big scary monsters
		The American economy: Greenspan’s glimmer
		German finance: Penny bazaar
		Indian mutual funds: Unit what?
		Pampering staff: Elf help
		French banking: Farmers unite
		Economics focus: Frédéric Bastiat
	Science & Technology
		Climate change: Kyoto’s last stand
		Hydrogen-powered cars: Replacing gas with a gas
		The origins of malaria: Following the plough
		Bacteria and ore-formation: Goldbugs
	Books & Arts
		Air travel: The way we fly now
		A philosopher’s letters: Love, Bertie
		Summer movies: Hothouse flowers
		Archaeology: Digging for truth
		Simone Weil and Rosa Parks: Two kinds of heroism
		Daniel Ellsberg: Treachery, egotism or bravery?
		New fiction: Not amused
		Immigration: No entry
		Katharine Graham
	Economic and Financial Indicators
		Money and interest rates
		Oil reserves
		Commodity price index
		Trade, exchange rates and budgets
		The world’s biggest companies
		Output, demand and jobs
		Prices and wages
	Emerging-Market Indicators
		The Economist poll of forecasters
		Financial markets

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