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                            Praise for “The Entrepreneurs Blueprint”
	Guaranteed Regret
	Minimal Experiences
	Toxic Relationships
	A Mediocre Legacy
Life and Business on YOUR Terms
	Chapter II Action Steps
The Highest Form of Accomplishment
	Chapter III Action Steps
Dropping Your Past and Transforming Your Future
The 6 “Musts” to Extreme Achievement
Why Your Money Mindset Matters
	Chapter VI Action Steps:
Seven Trends of Young Millionaires
	Chapter VII Action Steps:
If Winning Was Easy, Losers Would Do It
	Chapter VIII Action Steps:
If You Want To Change The Game, Change Your Value
	Chapter IX Action Steps:
How To Build A World-Class Life
	Chapter X Action Steps:
How To Build A World-Class Life [Part 2]
	Chapter XI Action Steps:
Why Standards Matter And How To Raise Yours
	Chapter XII Action Steps:
Selling Yourself On You
	Chapter XIII Action Steps:
Invest In Your Confidence Account
	Chapter XIV Action Steps:
How To Build Mental Toughness
	Chapter XV Action Steps:
Six Personal Insights To 10x Your Life
Using the Decision Train to Take Action
The Power Of Asking Questions
	Chapter XVIII Action Steps:
Six Steps To Change In 90 Days
	Chapter XIX Action Steps:
Stay Charged With These Five Keys
How To Create Consistent Energy In Your Life
	Chapter XXI Action Steps:
Why You Need A Morning Routine
	Chapter XXII Action Steps:
The Power Of EvE Ratio
	Chapter XXIII Action Steps:
The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Myth
Tactics To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Day
	Chapter XXV Action Steps:
Six Tips To Double Your Productivity
	Chapter XXVI Action Steps:
Six More Tips To Double Your Productivity
How To Put A Stop To Your Momentum Killers
	Chapter XXVIII Action Steps:
How To Differentiate Yourself
	Chapter XXIX Action Steps:
Building A Dynamic Sales Team
	Chapter XXX Action Steps:
How To Boost Your Circle Of Influence
	Peters Most Valuable Resources:
	Other books by Peter Voogd
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Page 86

The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success

- 80 -

scared of what others would think. I’ve been there and I know how that

feels. But I also know the way to build up a confidence account and the

tremendous rewards that come with confidence. What helps your

confidence account? Increased income will help, recognition, awards, happy

relationships, progress, personal growth audios, seminars, but the biggest

way to boost your confidence account is sacrifice. When you stay in on a

Friday night and you study and write down your goals instead of going out

with friends, what do you think happens to your confidence account?

When you wake up early and write your book (that you’ve been meaning to

start) versus sleeping in, what do you think happens to your confidence

account? When you reach out and you make those last couple of phone

calls when you don’t feel like it, your confidence goes up.

There are many ways to build your confidence account, but I have five

tips that have worked well for me. The first tip is you have to ask, with

every choice you make, "Will this choice help or hurt my confidence?"

Successful people make choices based on who they want to become versus

feeling comfortable in the moment. One of the people who made a big

impact on me early in my career was Isaac Tolpin, and his entire company

now is focused on the term "Choose Growth." You always have two

choices, the hard one and the easy one. When you choose growth in the

moment, your confidence increases. I want you to start making decisions

right now based on your standards and goals versus your emotions and


The second tip is your perspective on challenges helps your confidence

or kills it. If you feel like challenges are bad and you should never have

challenges and you try to avoid them, your confidence is going to go down,

because any time you set goals, there will be challenges. But having the

Page 87

Invest In Your Confidence Account

- 81 -

perspective that challenges help build your character, make you more

intelligent, expand your outlook, builds your confidence because you

embrace growth, even during challenging times. A challenge should

strengthen you because you're gaining experience. Understanding

challenges is a good thing, and definitely boosts your confidence. There’s a

quote from Eminem that drives this point home: "The moment I used my

adversity to my advantage, my career exploded." I don't care if you like

Eminem or not, you have to respect someone who came from nothing and

is now worth over $150 million. Using adversity and challenges to your

advantage builds character and increases your confidence.

The third tip is, when you stay consistent and you start seeing results,

your confidence rises. And this correlates with the fourth tip, which is get

out of your comfort zone regularly. Are you doing things that scare you?

Are you getting uncomfortable on a daily basis? Focus on doing things that

are uncomfortable in the moment because that builds your courage. The

fifth tip is never compare yourself to others. This is a big one and will kill

your confidence quicker than anything else. Don't let other people’s

opinions guide your choices. Tune out all the people who are negative.

When you're an entrepreneur, you get a lot of negativity/doubt. The only

person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. If

you start comparing yourself to your own progress each day, you’re going

to build a high level of confidence.

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