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The Complete,Candid,

and Reassuring


for Parents-To-Be

Tori Kropp, R.N.
Foreword by Michael C.Scott, M.D.

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The Joy of Pregnancy

“As both a skilled labor nurse and a popular childbirth educator, Tori
Kropp has helped thousands of mothers navigate the challenges of preg-
nancy and delivery. She brings a wonderful combination of well-ground-
ed practical advice and great personal insight, all done in an upbeat style.
Birth is a magical experience, and I can think of no better companion to
see you through.”

—Elliott Main, M.D., Chair, Department of Obstetrics
and Gynecology, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco

“It is with the utmost of pleasure and pride that I can finally enjoy the
fruits of Tori’s labor of love. Here is the most up-to-date, commonsense,
honest, and complete guide for the pregnant women wishing to find all
the answers to those day-to-day questions that no one, yet everyone,
knows. Pregnant women need to feel they are doing the best for their un-
born children, and I am confident this book can help them achieve that

—Madelyn Kahn, OB-GYN,
California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco

“The Joy of Pregnancy is a must-read for all pregnant women. Tori Kropp
explains the joy and wonder of being pregnant, and offers the practical
advice and information women need to make the most of their pregnan-
cies. I strongly recommend this book.”

—Will Hammett, M.D., Central Ohio OB/GYN

“Pregnancy is an amazing and transformative experience. In The Joy of
Pregnancy, Tori Kropp shares her own joy in this most wondrous time.
This clear, calm, and reassuring guide to pregnancy will steer many
women and their partners on their journeys through pregnancy and

—Jeanne-Marie Crowe, C.N.M.,
M.S., San Francisco Women’s Healthcare

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Page 217

Weight and portability. If you will frequently carry the stroller in
the car, you’ll want a model that is light and easy to fold.

Maneuverability. Most strollers now have nonfixed wheels for
easy maneuverability.

Handle height. Make sure the handle is at the right height for
you. Sometimes the height is adjustable.

Storage space. There may be a basket underneath and mesh
sacks attached.

You may want to consider one of these special strollers:

Umbrella stroller. This lightweight, inexpensive type folds very
easily and so is especially handy for traveling. Because the seat
doesn’t recline, however, an umbrella stroller can be used only af-
ter the baby is sitting up, and it is generally recommended for chil-
dren at least one year old.

Jogging stroller. This kind of stroller has large wheels that pro-
vide a smooth ride on different types of terrain. A jogging stroller
is a must if you want to push your baby along on runs or hikes.
This stroller can’t easily be carried in a car, so many families who
use a jogging stroller also have a smaller, collapsable stroller.

Twin or double stroller. If you have twins or two children very
close in age, you can choose between front-to-back and side-by-side
seating. Side-by-side strollers seem to be more popular, perhaps
because children usually like sitting side by side. Most of these
strollers will fit through a 30-inch door, but you may want to meas-
ure the stroller before purchasing it.


When mothers primarily walked with their babies from home,
these conveyances were quite popular. Today they are less so, but
they can still be nice for neighborhood walking. A carriage (or a
reclining stroller) can also be used at home as a portable bed.


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Page 218

Designed for young infants, a carriage is no longer useful when
the baby is sitting up.


This is required by law whenever a baby rides in a car. You can
choose from two types, one just for infancy, and the other for chil-
dren from birth to 40 pounds.

Infant car seat. This is suitable for babies up to 20 to 30 pounds,
depending on the model. With every model, the baby sits facing
the rear of the car. Most models come with a base that can be left
in the car; the seat snaps into and out of the base. The main advan-
tages of this type of seat are that it is small, it can be removed with
the baby in it, and it can be set on the ground or snapped into a
stroller. Parents can easily transfer a sleeping baby into or out of
the car without waking her. Infant car seats sometimes come as
part of a stroller “system”; they can also be used with a stroller
frame (page 196).

Convertible infant-toddler car seat. These larger seats can
be used from infancy up to 40 pounds. While the baby is very
small, you’ll need to surround him with a head support (you can
buy one or use a rolled towel), as the seat will be much larger than
he is. The seat is used rear facing until the baby is at least one year
old and weighs at least 20 pounds. In fact, it is best for children
to ride rear facing until they are the greatest height or weight
(usually 30 pounds or more) specified by the manufacturer. You
can then turn the seat face forward and continue to use it until
your child weights 40 pounds, at which point he’ll graduate to a
booster seat. All convertible car seats should have a harness that
fastens at five points; do not use one that does not have a five-
point restraint system. Look for a seat that is easy to install and to
adjust and is comfortable for the baby.

P lann ing fo r L i fe w i th Baby 197

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Page 433

Twins (cont.)
parents of, classes for, 161
preterm labor and, 161, 162, 179
suggested reading, 396
support and help for, 179–80, 400

Ultra-Screen blood analysis, 85
Ultrasound scans, 50, 68, 81–83, 104
Umbilical cord, 150–51, 295, 296–97,

Umbilical stump, 353
Umbrella strollers, 196
Underpants, maternity, 129–30
University of California Pregnancy

Drug Hotline, 400
Urinary incontinence, 136, 225–26
Urination, mother’s, 18, 113
Urine, baby’s, 105, 145, 316
U.S. Family Medical Leave Act, 89
Uterine incisions, 213–14
Uterine pain, 152
Uterus, 50, 328–29

Vaccines, 7–8, 42, 141–42, 318
Vacuum extractor, 295, 321
Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC),

Vaginal bleeding

calling doctor about, 116, 161, 186
first-trimester, 18, 36
during lovemaking, 111, 116
pelvic rest for, 117–18
from placenta previa, 185–86
postpartum, 329
as sign of preterm labor, 161

Vaginal discharge. See also Vaginal

changes in, as sign of pregnancy, 18
changes in, during pregnancy, 23
mucous plug, 259
near end of pregnancy, 222
and preterm labor, 161

Vaginal lubrication, 223
Vaginal yeast infections, 223
Varicose veins, 111, 177
Vascular spiders, 178
Vernix, 126, 250, 320

Vertex position, 221, 252
Vibrating bouncy chair, 195
Visualization exercise, 276, 384

in healthy diet, 65
prenatal multivitamins, 9, 32, 60,

65, 333
recommendations on, 8–9
vitamin K, for newborns, 318

Vomiting, mother’s, 31, 43–44, 232,

Vomiting, newborn, 346

Walking, 101, 123, 134
Walking epidural, 290
Water, bottled, 30
Water bag. See Amniotic sac
Water intake, 21, 62, 134
Website resources, 399–400
Weight gain during pregnancy

average number of pounds, 61, 174
caloric needs for, 61, 127–28
distribution of, 99
in first trimester, 32, 79, 126
“normal,” guidelines for, 127
and overweight mothers, 98
in second and third trimester,

when carrying twins, 127

Weight lifting, 133
When You’re Expecting Twins,

Triplets, or Quads (Luke and
Eberlein), 396

Wipes, 207
Wipe warmer, 207
Workout pants and shorts, 131

X-rays, 30

Yeast infections, vaginal, 223
Yoga, 101, 134, 135, 153
Your Baby and Child: From Birth to

Age Five (Leach), 398

Zofran, 43–44


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Page 434

“This is definitely not just another
book about pregnancy. Tori
Kropp should be applauded for
adopting a fresh, positive, and
enjoyable attitude toward preg-
nancy issues. Once you have
this friendly ‘companion’ in hand,
you’ll find it difficult to part with.”

—Michael Katz, M.D.,
San Francisco Perinatal

“Helpful, informative, and
thorough, this is the perfect
handbook for parents-to-be.
Tori Kropp hits the nail on the
head every step of the way.”

—Michael Crider, author of
The Guy’s Guide to Surviving
Pregnancy, Childbirth, and
the First Year of Fatherhood

“As a longtime perinatal nurse
and childbirth educator who
works with expectant families
every day, Tori Kropp shares her
abundant wealth of wisdom
and experience in The Joy of
Pregnancy. This is one
pregnancy book that truly
captures the excitement,
anticipation, fun, and joy of
this special time in a woman’s
life; I highly recommend it.”

—Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S.,
author of the best-selling The
Nursing Mother’s Companion

Are you
mystery, sensuality, wonder, and delight?
If you’re pregnant, you should be!
Pregnancy isn’t all about nausea and medical

tests; it’s also a time of excitement, anticipation,
and above all, joy.
You don’t need to
adopt a strict
diet, adhere to a
demanding exer-
cise regimen, or
try to plan the
perfect birth.
Rather, you can
trust your instincts

and your body to guide you through the amazing,
magical process of pregnancy and childbirth.
That’s the wise, expert counsel of Tori Kropp,

perinatal nurse and founder of a popular child-
birth-education program and a website for new
parents. In The Joy of Pregnancy, Tori tells you
what you need to know—how the baby is devel-
oping, how your body is changing, and how to
prepare for the baby and the birth—without
overwhelming you. She has organized the book
month by month, so you can learn as you
progress through pregnancy. Also included are
Q&As, fun facts, and sections just for Dad. With
Tori’s help, both of you can enjoy and celebrate
this very special season of your lives.

Tori Kropp, R.N., has attended the births of
thousands of babies, at California Pacific
Medical Center and elsewhere. She is founder
and director of PillowTalk, a childbirth-education
program in Marin County and San Francisco,
and founder of Stork Site (, a
pregnancy-and-parenting website. She lives with
her family in Marin County.

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