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An Investigation by Kevin McClure


1. Core 1 - Foo Fighters
2. Core 2 - Renato Vesco, Feuerball and Kugelblitz
3. Core 3 - Major Lusar, the saucer builders, and the test flight
4. Core 4 - W A Harbinson and Projekt Saucer
5. Core 5 - Vril, Haunebu and interplanetary travel
6. False histories
7. Unnamed Soldiers
8. Authorities from Earth and Elsewhere
9. Official comments and Intelligence
10. Mistakes and fantasies



The following is, essentially, the article published under the title ‘Phoney
Warfare’ in Fortean Studies 7. Having allowed a decent interval for those who
had intended to buy Fortean Studies to do so, I’m happy to have it appear on
the Magonia site so that it can reach a wider – and undoubtedly discerning –

* * * * * * * *

The relationship between the history of the paranormal, and the 'consensus'
history that most of us, informed by historians and the mainstream media, agree
on as real, is usually pretty distant. Forteanism could be said to lie somewhere
between these two histories, in that it notes the allegedly factual, but possibly
anomalous accounts recorded in the media of 'consensus' history, while often
rejecting the 'consensus' explanations given for dismissing the strangeness of
those events, and the rationale and reasoning adopted in doing so. Fort was
lucky to live and work before the worst excesses of Ufology and the New Age
appeared. His method of approaching existing, already-recorded facts with an
open and wide-ranging mind would often have been thwarted by the sheer lack
of facts, and the predominance of imaginary elements, in both of those
disciplines. He was generally able - and willing - to trust the reports his research

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uncovered. To take that approach now would invite ridicule.

The investigations I've set about during the last twenty-odd years usually had
their origins in my unease at the wild interpretations being made of reports
which had never been properly researched. The 'Egryn Lights' of evangelist
Mary Jones and others were being turned into evidence for the 'earthlights'
lobby. The Fatima visions and the 'Dance of the Sun' were becoming a 'classic
UFO event', artificially extending the history of the UFO thirty years back before
1947. The 'Angels of Mons' legends, in contrast, were being too readily
debunked. The usual sceptical explanation was too trite, and I think mistaken.

Similarly, most of my research has been in areas where, although the
phenomena in question has been visible - audible, tangible even - to certain
individuals, its visibility has been selective. There was always room for a debate
about why certain persons subjectively perceive extraordinary sights, and
events, and information, while others do not. The situation here, where vast
metal disks were meant to be thundering across the European skies before the
summer of 1945, is completely different. They were either there or they weren't.

What prompted me to start questioning the accepted wisdom about 'Nazi UFOs'
was that awful period in Fortean history, two or three years ago, when
newsstand magazines of limited quality and dubious intentions blossomed all
over the UK. In addition to FT itself and 'UFO Magazine', suddenly there was
Alien Encounters, Sightings, UFO Reality and all sorts of other, short-lived titles,
all struggling to fill their pages with startling and saleable material. Rotten
writers started submitting articles half-heartedly strung together from a handful
of second-hand sources, and a couple of hours on the Internet. The publishers
accepted these articles with open arms and small amounts of money, and old
myths were revived and new myths born. Among them were myths based
around the creation and flight of Nazi UFOs.

The more I looked at the emerging tales of astounding Nazi technical
achievement, and compared them with Germany's ignominious and ruinous
defeat, the less sense that contradiction made. It isn't - and I know I need to
make this clear - that I'm asserting that the Axis had no plans, designs, or
hopes for the production of high-performance flying disks. Nazi Germany was
good at plans, and designs, and - perhaps fortunately for the rest of the world -
wasted much time on speculation, and dreams of achievement and power. But
it looks as though no high-performance disc so much as left the ground, and if
that proposition is true then the Nazi UFO mythos, now celebrating a half-
century of vigorous existence, is the most sustained, widespread, complex and
multi-faceted hoax ever contrived in our field. A hoax, strangely enough, in
which few of the principal participants even knew each other, but which has
attracted hundreds to play their part in its development and many, many more
individuals to believe that some or all of its claims are true. Tentative as some of
my findings of fact may be as yet, what is published here is what I've
established so far.

This is not a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Like all the best myths
it starts when somebody either thought of it, or first recounted publicly a pre-

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Haunebu IV also is reported
8. Andromeda Project A large craft planned by SS E4 for interstellar
travel, Over 100 ton capacity. 360 feet long

Other Craft. These types may have combined what we now consider
known and unknown physics. The Vril craft were of 20 to 40 feet in
diameter. .
1. RFZ7T. Work began in 1942 on a discus craft by Miethe, Joined by
Bellonzo then Schreiver and Habermohl. A "reliable, functional light
2. Vril I. A 36 foot single seat craft, which was armed and tested before
the end of 1942. Flew 7000 mph from its Brandenburg test site. Could
instantly change direction.
3. Vril II. An air-water motor in the center of the craft spun rapidly like a
tornado, thus according to Schauberger's implosion principle, neutralizing
gravity, as with the Vril I craft. diameter also similar. Vril VII and Vril IX
also reported.
4. V7. Possibly numbered as one of the Vergeltungswaffen(retaliation
weapons). Fitted with 12 BMW jet engines. Reached 78,000 feet, later
80,000 feet on first tests over the Baltic sea, 04/17/1945. A spherical
glass like-dome surrounded by a rotating wing of turbine blades." [33]

This presentation of completely fictitious data as historical and technical
data makes it that much more credible, but Bacon is by no means the
most extreme of believers.


The imaginary history invented or presented (or both) by Terziski has
itself been carried forward by others, for reasons that continue to baffle
me. Probably the most high-profile, and perhaps the most productive of
these is 'Branton', whose 'Omega Files' material in various areas of
conspiracy and that peculiar neo-fascism that exists among 'patriots' who
also believe in the intervention of alien beings is all too easy to find on
the Net. I had been wondering who Branton was, and an answer seems
to have come recently from an Alan DeWalton, under the title 'Branton's

"Branton is a guy who has been involved in abductions since he was a
child [generational family stuff], MANY of which involved Alien/CIA
agendas in the underground bases. He was "programmed" AS an
alternate personality, or a "sleeper agent" by the CIA and has interacted
with underground bases and especially Dulce WHILE IN THE altered
state of consciousness. Many abductees will tell you that during
abductions their "conscious mind" seems to switch off and another
"personality" that is programmed by the alien agenda kicks in. These

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alternate identities are individuals in a sense, but also are linked to the
alien collective which is how Branton gets much of his information,
literally "hacking the hive"... having spent years being manipulated by the
alien group-mind he has now turned it around WITH God's help and is
using it as a weapon against them, although you'll never know how
painful it has been for him... a literal hell... but having taken up the
"cross" as his sword and shield he is prevailing against the "beast", just
like "Saint" George the Dragon slayer of old you might say. Branton was
"saved" [born again] in 1985 and "Branton the alter ego" is apparently
still involved with the underground scenarios on a nocturnal basis, trying
to put together a literal "underground resistance" movement, both in the
underground bases and above. This resistance movement involves
freedom fighter forces within certain military bases, several "hybrids"
[many his own 'kids'], Nordics, Telosians, several of "the orange" group,
and even some of the Sasquatch type aliens . . " [34]

These biographical details may make Branton's willingness to accept
Terziski's claims as true. Branton reports

"Although it may sound rather incredible, Terziski alleges that he
possesses confirming information such as the "...first video expose of
Nazi UFOs. German/Japanese saucer landings on the moon and Mars in
1944-46, Marconi group's landing on Mars in 1956... video footage of
Nazi interplanetary dreadnoughts and of secret Soviet-American saucer
landing on Mars." Although many of the 'Greys' have been described as
being of neo-saurioid configuration, other 'Greys' pose a different
mystery as to their origin and seem
to be more of a bio-synthetic or 'manufactured' configuration. Vladimir
Terziski suggests that some of these greys may be "...a product of the
US government's biogenetic cyborg R&D program." [35]

The Omega File titled 'Nazi History' is another example of the
presentation of the incredible as if it were fact. This is just an excerpt,
and I have excised some of the rambling about rich industrialists and the

370000 Germans recover crashed disk. Work begins on German disk
program based on recovered 'alien' technology.
380000 Standard [EXXON] Oil sends I.G. Farben 500 tons of lead
additive for gasoline.
390000 Germans working on mini-television for bomb / rocket guidance.
390901 Germany invades Poland.
390901 Soviets invade Poland.
410000 Germans test Schriever-Habermohl Model I prototype flying disk
or lenticular aircraft Model II in 1944.
410600 Germany successfully tests Schriever disk design.
410800 I.G. Farben tests Zyklon B gas.

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