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TitleThe Rules of Work: A Definitive Code for Personal Success
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Table of Contents
Part I: Walk Your Talk
	1 Get Your Work Noticed
	2 Never Stand Still
	3 Volunteer Carefully
	4 Carve Out a Niche for Yourself
	5 Under Promise and Over Deliver
	6 Learn to Ask Why
	7 Be 100 Percent Committed
	8 Learn from Others’ Mistakes
	9 Enjoy What You Are Doing
	10 Develop the Right Attitude
	11 Be Passionate But Don’t Kill Yourself
	12 Manage Your Energy
	13 Never Let Anyone Know How Hard You Work
	14 Keep Your Home Life at Home
Part II: Know That You’re Being Judged at All Times
	15 Cultivate a Smile
	16 No Limp Fish—Develop the Perfect Handshake
	17 Exude Confidence and Energy
	18 Develop a Style That Gets You Noticed
	19 Pay Attention to Personal Grooming
	20 Be Attractive
	21 Be Cool
	22 Speak Well
	23 Write Well
Part III: Have a Plan
	24 Know What You Want Long Term
	25 Know What You Want Short term
	26 Study the Promotion System
	27 Develop a Game Plan
	28 Set Objectives
	29 Know Your Role
	30 Know Yourself—Strengths and Weaknesses
	31 Identify Key Times and Events
	32 Anticipate Threats
	33 Look for Opportunities
	34 Make Learning a Lifelong Mission
Part IV: If You Can’t Say Anything Nice—Shut Up
	35 Don’t Gossip
	36 Don’t Bitch
	37 Stand Up for Others
	38 Compliment People Sincerely
	39 Be Cheerful and Positive
	40 Ask Questions
	41 Use “Please” and “Thank you”
	42 Don’t Swear
	43 Be a Good Listener
	44 Only Speak Sense
Part V: Look After Yourself
	45 Know the Ethics of Your Industry
	46 Know the Legalities of Your Industry
	47 Set Personal Standards
	48 Never Lie
	49 Never Cover Up for Anyone Else
	50 Keep Records
	51 Know the Difference Between the Truth and The Whole Truth
	52 Cultivate Your Support/Contacts/Friends
	53 Date with Caution
	54 Understand Others’ Motives
	55 Assume Everyone Else Is Playing by Different Rules
	56 Keep the Faith
	57 Put Things in Perspective
Part VI: Blend In
	58 Know the Corporate Culture
	59 Speak the Language
	60 Dress Up or Dress Down Accordingly
	61 Be Adaptable in Your Dealings with Different People
	62 Make Your Boss Look Good
	63 Know Where to Hang Out, and When
	64 Understand Social Protocols
	65 Know the Rules about Authority
	66 Know the Rules about the Office Hierarchy
	67 Never Disapprove of Others
	68 Understand the Herd Mentality
Part VII: Act One Step Ahead
	69 Dress One Step Ahead
	70 Talk One Step Ahead
	71 Act One Step Ahead
	72 Think One Step Ahead
	73 Address Corporate Issues and Problems
	74 Make Your Company Better for Having You There
	75 Talk of “We” Rather Than “I”
	76 Walk the Walk
	77 Spend More Time with Senior Staff
	78 Get People to Assume You Have Already Made the Step
	79 Prepare for the Step After Next
Part VIII: Cultivate Diplomacy
	80 Ask Questions in Times of Conflict
	81 Don’t Take Sides
	82 Know When to Keep Your Opinions to Yourself
	83 Be Conciliatory
	84 Never Lose Your Temper
	85 Never Get Personal
	86 Know How to Handle Other People’s Anger
	87 Stand Your Ground
	88 Be Objective About the Situation
Part IX: Know the System—and Milk It
	89 Know All the Unspoken Rules of Office Life
	90 Know What to Call Everyone
	91 Know When to Stay Late and When to Go Early
	92 Know the Theft or Perks Rule
	93 Identify the People Who Count
	94 Be on the Right Side of the People Who Count
	95 Be Well Up on New Management Techniques
	96 Know the Undercurrents and Hidden Agendas
	97 Know the Favorites and Cultivate Them
	98 Know the Mission Statement—and Understand It
Part X: Handle the Opposition
	99 Identify the Opposition
	100 Study Them Closely
	101 Don’t Back-Stab
	102 Know the Psychology of Promotion
	103 Don’t Give Too Much Away
	104 Keep Your Ear to the Ground
	105 Make the Opposition Seem Irreplaceable
	106 Don’t Damn the Opposition with Faint Praise
	107 Capitalize on the Career-Enhancing Moments
	108 Cultivate the Friendship and Approval of Your Colleagues
Postscript: Know When to Break the Rules

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