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Table of Contents
                            1. Introduction
	1.1 Purpose
	1.2 Project Scope
	1.3. Glossary
	1.3 References
2. Overall Description
	2.1 Product Functions
	2.2 User Classes and Characteristics
	2.3 Operating Environment
3. External Interface Requirements
	3.1 UserInterfaces
	3.2 Hardware Interfaces
	3.3 Software Interfaces
4. Functional Requirements
5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements
	5.1 Performance Requirements
	5.2 Security Requirements
	5.3 Software Quality Attributes
Document Text Contents
Page 21

Software Requirements Specification for TMS Page 21

Recreational facilities and service providers at tourist centers are considered as clients of the
system. They have to register first before doing operations. Therefore in this module online
registration of clients, cancellation of a client permit, client login, and security checking are taken
care of.

3. Reports & Mail
Generation of different reports, sending mails to clients and tourists, providing reports and

data are considered here.

4. Advertisements
The clients can advertise here .The functionality is developed and executed in this module

5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements

5.1 Performance Requirements

The Tourism management System application should be able to respond to the queries submitted by
the customer without much delay. When a user searches for a tour location, the application should
not take much time to return the results, similarly for the motel and package information.
Considering that the application is of moderate size, it should be able to display 10 results at a time
on each page, when the customer looks up for any particular data. Since the Online tourism websites
have much traffic, the user should also be able to logon to the system using high speed internet. Most
of the requests sent to the application should be answered in less than 5 seconds.

5.2 Security Requirements

It must be ensured that access will be provided to the authorized persons through user ID and

Network security will be provided by the use of firewalls.
Checks can be performed at regular internals to ensure data integrity

5.3 Software Quality Attributes

For all services that rely on TMS for access control, lack of availability of the supported services.
The product should not crash under any circumstance such as user entering invalid values, user
trying to find unusual data etc. It should show appropriate message for every user generated
Ideally, the user should not be aware that authentication is taking place beyond the requirement to
enter a password.

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