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First step regarding the production is the purchasing and washing of bottles. Mainly
company use the bottles returned from the market but if it needed more bottles, then these
are purchased from the glass company, Lahore.

These bottles are placed on conveyer and washed through an automatic plant. Caustic Soda
and boiled water is used for washing of bottles.

Water Traeatment

Raw water is treated to remove its hardness. Here raw water with the Lime, Feso4, and
Chlorine comes to the Coagulation Tank where the initial sludge is removed then this water
is moved to Buffer Tank where it is kept for a certain period in order to stable it. Then this
water comes to the Sand Filter and passes through the Sand and Gravel bed, and then this
half treated water comes to the Carbon Filter and passed through the Carbon and Gravel
bed for more purification. After that it is moved to the Purifix Carbon Filter and then to the
Spool Polisher where the filter papers are used to remove the sludge and then to Water
Polisher and then to Ultra Violet Filter where Ultra Violet rays passes through the water in
order to eliminate the future growth of bacteria and lastly this treated water passed through
the Thread Type Filter. After passing through this complex process water is completely free
from sludge and bacteria and other hazardous waste.

After that this water comes to the Water Softer Tank and passed thorough the Gravel Bed
and this soft water is used for the syrup making.

Preparation of Simple Syrup

In the sugar weight room sugar is weighted for different brands, because each brand
requires different quantity of sugar, then this weighted sugar is passed to the syrup storage
room, where the sugar and water in equal quantity processed in Pasteurizer Tanks, and
heated up to 85 C where Activated Carbon is used to remove the bacteria, and Chlorine and
TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) used to remove the smell and color of the sugar. Chlorine and
TSP is also stored in different tanks. After that this mixture of water and sugar is cooled
down up to 20C in order to prevent from the further growth of bacteria, after that in this
mixture Concentrate of each brand is added as per requirement.

Washing of Bottles

The empty bottles that come from the market are brought into the washing room of bottles
where different employees first check the initial damages to the bottles. Damaged bottles are
screened out from the lot. Only the acceptable lot is allowed going towards the bottle washer
machine. The bottles remain 45 minute in this washer machine so that only the good quality
bottles that are free from sludge and breakage can be passed to the filling room.

Filling of Bottles

Mixing of CO2 Gas in Syrup

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Syrup is sent to carbon coolers, Ammonia, Carbon Powder and Carbon Granular are mixed
in the syrup.

In the filling room the syrup and CO2 comes from syrup and CO2 room. From Carbon
cooler syrup goes to the filler and from other side empty bottles and then crown cock or cap
cocks are fixed on the bottles. Here operator looks after the production process.

Filled bottles are then passed thorough light room where quality of bottles is checked. Here
under filled or, over filled bottles or dirty bottles are separated. There are two light rooms
and in each room one employee is placed to trace out the dirty bottles.

After passing through light room the code is printed on the bottles, which contain the
manufacturing date, machine number and time of manufacturing and the batch number.

After all this checking process bottles are placed in the crates. The whole process of
production is automatic. Only supervision is required. Then these crates are sent to the
output warehouse.


It has become crystal clear that high quality products have a distinct advantage in the
market place, that market share can be gained or lost over the quality issue. Therefore
quality is a competitive priority.

Quality is important due to the following reasons:

• Cost and market share

• Company’s reputation

• Product liability

• International implications

SHAMIM & COMPANY (PVT) LTD takes effective measures for the quality control.
Production of the company is according to the standards set by PCI. So the company is very
much concerned about quality. Quality of raw material as well as of end product is checked.

Following are the main steps taken by the company for quality control.

Testing of Raw Material

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 Targets

 Inventory Level

 Repute

 Daily, monthly and yearly sales Report

Indirect Method

This method is specifically used to judge the consumer behavior. In this method Pepsi uses
the services of ACNELSON Company, which is basically a biggest and authentic most
research organization in Pakistan.

Vehicle to change organizational culture

They use two vehicles focus and employees policies to incorporate the quality culture. For
the urgent and most important issues they make employee’s policies and make sure these
policies are being followed with considerate supervision. And for less urgent issues they use
focus strategy and arrange lectures, presentations, conferences and excessive training

Agreement with the Competitors

Pepsi has NO agreement with Coca-Cola on pricing and other strategic issues. And the
major reason of recent increase in prices has been reported to be the revision of tax policy of
the Government.

ISO 9000

Now the situation has been changed. Products of low standards are not acceptable in
international markets. These standards are ISO-9000 i.e., International Standard
Organization. Now as the world has become a global village, therefore, there is a very tough
competition among the companies. Especially for the companies of developing countries,
they have to do much more smart work than the companies of developed countries because
they have strong economy and their products are widely acceptable in the international
market. For this purpose almost all organizations are doing struggle for getting ISO-9000
certificate. Shamim & Company (PVT) Ltd is one of those Pakistani organizations that
struggled for ISO-9000 and awarded. They have been awarded ISO-9002 certificate.

The management and labor of Pepsi is committed with their responsibilities. The evidence
of this the company has certified as international standard organization. They had to fulfill
the 20 clauses of ISO 9000. In this way they got ISO 9002 certificate. The company is
franchisee so; they have no authority to design a product.

They up date their records on daily basis. In Pakistan no one have authority for inspection
for ISO 9000. The company has selected SGS Malaysia for inspection of their records. This
is a continuous process the auditors come after six month and check the records.

SWOT Analysis

1- Strength

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