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TitleTroubleshooting Firewalls
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Case Study: Out of Memory

Step 9: Limit Infected Host(s) Impact on Network

• Configure the MAX TCP connections for NATed hosts to be

• Note: The local-host must be cleared before the new
connection limits are applied

pixfirewall(config)# nat (inside) 1 50 0

Copyright 2005

pixfirewall(config)# clear local-host

pixfirewall(config)# show local-host

Interface inside: 250 active, 250 maximum active, 0 denied

local host: <>,

TCP connection count/limit = 50/50

TCP embryonic count = 50

TCP intercept watermark = unlimited

UDP connection count/limit = 0/unlimited

. . .

The Infected Host Is
Limited to 50 TCP


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