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VB Script Standard Functions
an expression in the same way you use any intrinsic function, such as Sqr, Cos, or Chr,
when you want to use the value returned by the function.

You call a Function procedure using the function name, followed by the argument list in
 parentheses, in an expression. See the Call statement for specific information on how to
call Function procedures.

Caution Function procedures can be recursive, that is, they can call themselves to
 perform a given task. However, recursion can lead to stack overflow.

To return a value from a function, assign the value to the function name. Any number of 
such assignments can appear anywhere within the procedure. If no value is assigned to
name, the procedure returns a default value: a numeric function returns 0 and a string
function returns a zero-length string (""). A function that returns an object reference
returns Nothing if no object reference is assigned to name (using Set) within the

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