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Winters in northern Allansia are always cruel and bitter. The snow falls

thick and the icy wind blows hard, chilling everybody to the bone. For

the past few weeks you have been hired by a merchant called Big Jim

Sun to protect his trading caravans as they roll their way slowly north

to the frozen outposts. The horse-drawn carts are laden with cloth,

utensils, weapons, salted meats, spices and tea, which are traded for

furs and ivory carvings made from mammoths’ tusks. Big Jim is not

usually worried about travelling north, as bandits only attack his

caravans on the return journey – he is not alone in recognizing the

value of the northern goods.

On this particular trip you are walking ahead of six carts across a

frozen lake. In the distance you can see the snow-capped peaks of the

Icefinger Mountains jutting out of low cloud. Your destination lies at

the base of the mountains where the Northmen meet to trade. Snow is

falling, but not too heavily. You stop to prod the ice with your sword to

make sure it can bear the weight of carts, when suddenly the shrill call

of a hunting horn breaks the silence. You stand up and run back to the

carts to talk to Big Jim. He is sitting next to the driver of the second

cart, puffing on a long briar pipe. A huge man, with a great bushy

beard, Big Jim is obviously a man to be reckoned with. His bright blue

eyes scan the horizon, searching for signs of life. In a deep voice he

says, ‘Sounds like it came from the outpost. Reckon you better go and

investigate. Could be trouble. And get back quick.’

You set off straight away towards the outpost at the base of Icefinger

Mountains. You arrive two hours later at a scene of ugly carnage. The

snow is red with blood and all the wooden huts are smashed and torn

down. Six men lie dead, their bodies slashed, their axes at their sides

in the snow. Judging by the size of the footprints, the creature that

attacked the outpost must have been enormous. There is nothing you

can do for the unfortunate Northmen so you head back towards Big

Jim’s caravan to report the news. You reach them in an hour, just as

the daylight is fading, and relate the terrible events that have befallen

the outpost. Big Jim orders the carts to be drawn into a circle to protect

his men during the night. A large fire is built in the centre of the

circle and you sit down beside it to talk to Big Jim. Everybody is

nervous and a guard is posted to watch for signs of movement outside.

In a low voice, Big Jim asks you if you will hunt the terrible creature, for

otherwise his business will be ruined forever. You smile and reply that

you will track down the beast, but only for a purse of 50 Gold Pieces.

Big Jim’s jaw drops open, and it takes a great deal of persuasion

before he agrees to your demand. The snow finally stops falling as you

settle down for the night; sleep is a long time coming, for your mind is

active with thoughts of the impending hunt.

When you wake just after dawn, the fire is reduced to dying embers.

Wisps of smoke rise gently into the morning mist and not a sound is to

be heard. You walk over to where Big Jim is sleeping and tap him on

the shoulder. He wakes with a start and you tell him that you are setting

off and hope to be back later in the day. You wave to the guard as the

snow starts to fall again, and make your way back to the outpost.

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