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Words to

1,100 Quotations

Over 300 Authors

Edited by
Gregory Victor Babic

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This is a treasury of inspiration, stimulation and fun for writers.
Dan Poynter, author of


No matter what page you open to you’ll find the experience, wis-
dom and inspiration of the best writers in the world to motivate
and energize the work you do.

Paul J. Krupin, author of

Filled with clever quips, bits of advice and inspiration, this book
is not just for authors or wannabes, but for any literary-minded

Linda E. Austin, author of

Answers the questions, ‘Who am I as a writer?’, ‘What does my
craft mean to me and to others?’, and ‘What can I do to better my-
self as a writer and a human being.’

Kathy Bruins, author of

A great source of encouragement, as well as a showcase of differ-
ent writing styles. It will certainly be appreciated by authors, poets
and teachers alike who enjoy classic literature and language.

Cheryl Pickett, author of

An excellent selection of quotations that is a good, well-rounded
choice to inspire writers to actually WRITE.

Meg Bertini, Publisher & President,

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Words to Inspire Writers

June 28

You can’t step into the same river twice.
Heraclitus (535–475 B.C.)

Writing is busy idleness.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832)

Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral
laws are written on the table of eternity.

Lord Acton (1834–1902)

June 29

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new land-
scapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

He writes as fast as they can read, and he does not write himself

William Hazlitt (1778–1830)

The society of dead authors has this advantage over that of the
living: they never flatter us to our faces, nor slander us behind our
backs, nor intrude upon our privacy, nor quit their shelves until
we take them down.

Charles Caleb Colton (1780–1832)

June 30

The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to
write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.

Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)


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Words to Inspire Writers

Beauty is the purgation of superfluities.
Michelangelo (1475–1564)

There is false modesty, but there is no false pride.
Jules Reynard (1864–1910)


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Motivation for Writers
Every Day of the Year

“This is a treasury of inspiration, stimulation and fun for writers.”
Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual

“No matter what page you open to you'll find the experience,
wisdom and inspiration of the best writers in the world to
motivate and energize the work you do.”

Paul J Krupin, author of Words People Love to Hear

Reference/Writing—Quotations, Maxims, etc.

Specifically selected Quotations for each Calendar
Date illuminate all aspects of the Writing Process

Gregory Victor Babic is the author of Study Success Know-How: A 1,001-
Point Action Checklist Designed To Help You Take Control Of Your Learning
And Maximise Your Achievement Potential�Immediately! (ISBN
1876932198) and Film Study Terms: A glossary of key concepts related to
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short story writer, and the author of numerous articles in trade and
consumer magazines.

• The First Quotation illustrates the
Pre-Writing or Preparation Stage
(of Thinking and Planning)
• The Second Quotation illustrates the
Writing or Creation Stage
(of Drafting and Editing)
• The Third Quotation illustrates the
Post-Writing or Celebration Stage
(of Publishing and Marketing)

F. C. Sach & Sons,

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